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I’m in love with her voice <3

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My people said the Inquisition would want him dead, so he’s dead!

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blackwall has like some of the longest hair out of the companions and advisors so consider him:

  • getting his hair braided by josephine
  • sleeping on his back a lot so he wakes up with thick knots
  • taking the longest out of everyone to get ready bc he’s meticulous abt his beard and eyebrows and how he wears his hair
  • making a deep, pleased noise whenever someone rubs his scalp
  • pinning his hair up in a ponytail or bun on hot days
  • grumbling about how much hair he loses when he washes it
  • laughing heartily when inquisitor gets a mouthful of it when they try to move in for a kiss in bed
  • being confused at the frown on a male or non-binary inquisitor’s face after he thanks them for complimenting his hair
  • fighting off sera who is adamant he needs to start cutting his hair like ‘a real warrior’ (she means like her, obviously)
  • letting cole touch it bc he’s never seen anyone with such thick hair; his is thin and brittle
  • arguing w/ solas about the pros and cons of shaving
  • taking off his helmet and shaking his hair loose. everything goes into slow motion
  • getting his hair caught in a brush or comb and asking for help
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